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We offer a standard package of modern contact center services, which are necessary for our customers successful business.

Since the very beginning, we at CallTech believe that only quality service what matter, and this is what gives us the ability to establish successful mutually-beneficial long term business relations with our clients.

CallTech could handle any complex tasks based on our clients special needs, equipped with modern technology such as: fast and reliable internet connection, back-up internet providers if the main one fails,advance but at the same time simple-to-maintain VOIP-based complex, capable of handling high volume of incoming and outgoing calls providing very good quality of voice services,sufficient data lose protection by multiplied firewall and anti virus protection, and non-stop working process due to independent back-up power generator.

Our highly skilled professional team most of whom have higher education degree can support all major European languages such as English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Slovak, Greek, Portuguese, Polish, Czech and Ukrainian, some other Europian languages also available(upon advance request).

18 years in Business CallTech Outsourcing:


At Call Tech we believe that every client is unique, that is why we treat every customer individually, giving them the best quality service they deserve.Success of our clients is our success...


Our highly professional staff is CallTech main asset, we are sure that only well managed team work, where every member of the team knows his place and his task, working accurate like a Swiss watch, will lead us to success...


We speak to the world. Every person has its individuality. We try to find approach to every agent and client creating in that way good team for working.


No one can build a team for us, which we will be comfortable and productive - no one but ourselves! This is the main rule we follows in our company Calltech International.


We always are in touch with our clients and we are willing to provide them with all necessary information and it helps to understand all their needs and all the time to keep the best level of our cooperation.


You need a high quality calls - we will provide it to you. Thanks to a reliable, stable and improved technology we can call from everywhere to everyone. Working with us you will help to develop and increase your business and open it to the World. And you will see that communication is not only facebook or skype.


Teamwork doesn’t mean everybody doing the same thing or everybody being able to do each other’s jobs. It’s more a means to a common way of working, where the sum is greater than the parts. We are working separately to make each part of every project the best.
Our clients say:

I confirm that I have dealt and we are still dealing at the moment with Calltech since 2007, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of fund-rising and customer-care.

Their work has been a major factor in our association's success, helping us to acquire a lot of new subscribers in order to accomplish the goals and purpose of our non-profit organization. I can confidently recommend Calltech as a solid and reliable call-center, and experts in their field.