Ukraine Call Center ServicesCallTech International: Your Business Partner in Europe and other part of the World for all Multi-Lingual Contact Center services and Globalized Solutions.

Call Tech | Explanation of our Services Offered in Detail 

 bullet An Introduction to our Contact Center services
  CallTech International is a multilingual outsourcing call and contact center with almost 10 years of operating activities

 We consider ourselves part of your Team as Ambassadors of your Corporate Brand. While we offer a standard package of affordable call center services with top technology operations located in Ukraine and other European countries , we strive to provide our customers and their clients with professional and courteous contact services that are necessary for our customers to operate successfully their business worldwide.

 bullet Why CallTech and not any other Contact Center ?

  Outsourcing to Eastern European Country like Ukraine its very cost-effective, our multi-lingual professional staff fluent in several languages such as: German, Italian, English, French, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish Hebrew and Arab;  Most of whom have working experience in Western companies in helpdesk and contact centers, is an attractive option to our clients because it's operations are ahead of other countries and allow to work in collaboration on projects that demand duties to cover business projects 24 x 7 and resolution of critical impact issues in daily operations.

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Call Tech | Our Services 
 bullet Our Services in Brief

  Call Tech — offers a wide variety of services and keeps enlarging it's Corporate Portfolio because we evaluate our customers' business needs and hire top specialists either onshore and offshore depending on your Project requirements. Additionally, we assign a Project Manager of our own Team to keep you informed of the results of the campaign.

   Services Section Inbound Services:
  • Customer support service
  • Informational Helpdesk Support
  • Remote secretary / Virtual Assistant (VA) / Administrators
  • Order Taking
  • Credit Card Transaction Processing

   Services Section Outbound Services:
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Telemarketing assistance
  • E-mail, Fax, Newsletter
  • Appointment Setting
  • Warm and Cold Prospecting

   Services Section Data and Web Services:
  • Database Processing
  • Professional Translation services
  • Web Research and Desk Research
  • Web Content Localization
  • Web 2.0 Development
  • Source code Enhancements
  • Business Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Open Source Content Management System (CMS) implementation and customization
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Online Promotion and Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Directory Submissions

 bullet The service(s) that you require is not listed above ?

 Not a problem! You can always contact our Business Development Team and we will be glad to talk and discuss furtherer how to assist you in the best way possible and find the right personnel for the tasks required in your projects.
Contact us today with no commitment to discuss furtherer your Project requirements.

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yCall Tech | Our Infrastructure 
 Our Infrastructure Our Contact Center Infrastructure

  Call Tech — We work in two modern and comfortable offices located in two different cities Kiev and L'viv. Using modern technology such as fully customized own designed CRM system also we use other modern technology necessary for productive work : PBX,IVM,VRS and auto dial systems.

Sufficient data protection due to advanced software and hardware protection. We use modern VOIP based technology with outstanding voice clarity, fast server with triple protection based on Windows server 2003.We have two internet provides and power generator to insure non stop working process. Operators working space are equipped with: Desk-Top Computers with the following configuration to provide top quality service:
  • Operating systems: Linux Ubuntu and Windows 7 installed on every operator's computer with ability to switch from Operating Systems, so we can dedicate our resources specifically to your business needs.
  • Word Processor Application: Microsoft Suite 2003; 2007; 2010.
  • CPU Intel Core Duo
  • Ram 1Gb-4Gb
  • HDD 300MB-1TB
  • Monitors 17"-19" inches wide
  • Stereo headphones
  • USB VoIP gateways and phones

Windows XPOur OrganizationLinux Ubuntu

Call Tech Branch Management Structure

Call Tech Branch Management Structure

Business Partners 

 bullet Our Human Resources, and qualified Talent.
  CallTech International Our employees speak all major European languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech Dutch Ukrainian Greek Russian and other as most of them spent several years abroad and have good knowledge of language spoken, many speak 2-3 foreign languages, some real professional highly skilled with knowledge of 4-5 foreign languages

Some of our Staff MembersWe encourage Human diversification, since it is actually what makes us different from our competitors in the Market. We don't think of our employees as numbers, but as associates in providing our end customers with the Best Quality Service Possible.


Some of our Human Resources and Talented members took some time to say CHEESE! to the camera. These are some of the guys that make it all possible.

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