Call Center Services / CallTech Outsourcing
Our competent team can take care of all complex tasks and any office work on your behalf, as well as fulfilling any other inbound and outbound outsource tasks such as: Customer support, Schedule appointments, Product/Service Promotion, Event announcement, Fund-raising and market research surveys(CATI/CAWI), using modern office technology, thus guaranteeing your full satisfaction. We have the solution for any special office work.


Our call center services can be offered to you through communication channels such as fax or e-mail. We are more than happy to produce and send any personalized or professional newsletter on your behalf, using both: our own database or any data provided by yourself.


In today's globalized world, appointment seeking is the keystone in generating new business. It is an extremely effective marketing tool for most businesses. And there is nothing stronger, nothing more effective than a face-to-face meeting.


Market research both in B2C or B2B context is a powerful tool that will allow you to direct your business and take the right decision. By performing market research and telephone surveys you will be able to analyze and explain the passed trends, geo-marketing behaviors of different groups of players and consumers. CallTech specialized in helping companies to better understand the market and their customers. We are your best partner for telephone surveys researches B2B, B2C, customer satisfaction and mystery shoping with the many years of experience for top performing companies from Europe and other parts of the World. We understand that only quality market research counts for our clients, therefore we do care about the required skills, experience and specialization of our research agents. All this with one of lowest price on the market, the quality research doesnt have to be cost-prohibitive. We use our innovation technology aimed to make our price for telephone research as affordable as possible.


We contact existing customers to introduce new products or services, up-sell, and cross-selling using modern techniques that better suite our clients which lead to higher customer value and retention year to year.


Is it challenging to support your customers and prospects efficiently while meeting your budget? CallTech delivers the best skilled people, multi-language support, efficient technology and affordable price. Wide language coverage: our agents speak all major European languages. This allows you to support all your customers from a unique location saving the management effort needed to coordinate different locations. We offer 24/7 support, 365 days per year Wide range of skills: we can handle general customer care as well as technical support. CallTech customer service is committed to improve our clients customer loyalty. Excellent customer support certainly is a differentiating factor in many businesses, and we can help make sure you achieve your goal in this area. We customize our processes to your market and environment needs, fitting under your requirements.


Global corporations are constantly required to improve their operational effectiveness to achieve better performance. Business managers are often charged with the development of strategies to achieve lower cost structures, higher productivity and better quality standards. CallTech is your reliable outsourcing partner whom you can rely upon to deliver higher productivity, better quality standards, and exceptional time-frames while achieving substantial cost savings. CallTech offer complete solution for the outsourcing back up office what include all standard office task as well as special task upon your request.


WE use the most up-to-date technology to provide you with options that will suite your business and give your valued customers the care they deserve.Our call center use both ordinary broadband internet connections as well as modern wireless connections, what eliminate the risk of losing the internet connection due to line problems. Total aggregate bandwidth exceeds 100 Mbps on the local network.


We use high quality VOIP based technology with the arguably one of the best voice quality on the market to most of the world destinations. For our outbound calls we can use back up VOIP providers what exclude time loss in case of the technical problem with the main provider. At CallTech we use IVR (interactive voice response): we support a fully scriptable IVR platform that allows for optimal routing of inbound calls and provisioning of fully automated services as well as PBX (Private Branch Exchange) which can easily and safely manage high volume of incoming and outgoing call. Automatic dialer- outbound calls are made automatically by a dialer, tuned to guarantee maximum productivity to the agents Call recording/live call monitoring: that allow to meet strict security requirements, training and coaching of the agents and quality control.


We use web based application as well as customized CRM software connected to the server in order to allow work for multiple sites and live monitoring of results independently from the location. We have live time monitoring of each agent work performance such as work/idle time recordings, screen shots, application usage monitoring in the percentage. At CallTech we understand how crucial is security for our customer valued information that is why we use sufficient multiply hardware and software firewall and antivirus protection will decline any data loses and provide our client with the high level privacy. Guarantee of non stop working process due to internet back up provider and power generator.
Our clients say:

I confirm that I have dealt and we are still dealing at the moment with Calltech since 2007, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of fund-rising and customer-care.

Their work has been a major factor in our association's success, helping us to acquire a lot of new subscribers in order to accomplish the goals and purpose of our non-profit organization. I can confidently recommend Calltech as a solid and reliable call-center, and experts in their field.