Welcome to Outsourcing Multilingual Call Center

CallTech Outsourcing is a multilingual team, with 18 years of experience, that will help you with all your business goals. Our main aim is to make your work as productive and pleasant as possible. We can become your partner for all outsourcing multilingual contact centre services in any part of the World. Our services are beyond the competition, we offer the best value for money.

Founded in 2005

CallTech provides high standard outsourcing services with the individual approach to each customer. Our clients gain the ability to accelerate their growth and expand their products and services far beyond their internal capabilities, thereby increasing their competitive advantage. Nowadays, CallTech Outsourcing is a rapidly developing outsourcing multilingual call center. Through the years, CallTech has been partnering with few dozens of well-known companies worldwide providing the wide range of outsourcing contact center services.

Our focus on modern technologies helps us accumulate world class technology professionals who prosper on our clients success. Their diverse experience, education and background create a basis for deep collective pool of knowledge and talent. CallTech consistently succeeded by delivering to the highest levels of outsourcing call center services. Our highly professional call center team most of whom knows from two to six foreign languages and have higher education degree, ensure our promise of excellence even in the most complex tasks.We provide all major contact center services: Customer suuport, Back office, order confirmation service, upsale and cross sale,phone market reserch(CATI),database validation and database enrichment.

Why CallTech Outsourcing:
In today globalized world, companies are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing service quality. At СаllTech Outsourcing:

  • Each employee speaks several foreign languages, and most of our colleagues have experience working or studying in Western countries
  • The price is lower compared to other call centres in Eastern Europe
  • High-quality and reliable communication infrastructure (Internet, telephone system, backup power supply, etc.)
  • Easy access to professional working resources, and therefore is a quick startup for the project


Thanks to our high-quality innovative technologies, CallTech Outsourcing can offer you one of the lowest prices on the outsourcing market. Despite the low price, we can provide our customers with high quality services.


Our main goal is to make your business as productive and enjoyable as possible. We guarantee an individual personal client-oriented approach aimed at your needs, high-quality services, and strict control over each order.


Our goal is to build long-term business relationships with our customers through marketing innovation, high-quality service, flexible customer support and guarantee of our services.
Our clients say:

I confirm that I have dealt and we are still dealing at the moment with Calltech since 2007, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of fund-rising and customer-care.

Their work has been a major factor in our association's success, helping us to acquire a lot of new subscribers in order to accomplish the goals and purpose of our non-profit organization. I can confidently recommend Calltech as a solid and reliable call-center, and experts in their field. I